5 Progressive Property Styling Ideas for Short-Term Rentals

Of the many thousands of active Airbnb rentals in the Sydney area alone, about 60 percent are for an entire home. And all of these guests have increasingly high standards for properties.

With short-term rental companies continuing to gain popularity throughout Australia, it’s time to get serious about updating your vacation rental property.

Great pictures help you get consistent bookings online, as long as you accurately reflect what guests will find when they walk in your front door. Here are five things to consider before you post pics to attract short-term renters.

Create an inviting living area

This is where your guests will gather to plan outings or exchange stories at the end of the day. The furniture should be comfortable and functional rather than posh. Choose attractive, durable fabric if replacing existing furniture. You can also use slipcovers to update your existing couch and sofa or to tone down print patterns.

Select a couch large enough for several people without taking up the whole room. As a rental, your home receives quite a bit more wear and tear than if you stayed there yourself. Choose neutral colors, such as beige, tan or grey, that hold up under the weight of many guests. As a bonus, you can incorporate a pull-out sofa for additional sleeping capacity.

If you are looking for function and comfort, add armchairs for additional seating. Alternatively, get a rocking chair for a warm family vibe. Meanwhile, mount the TV to a large blank wall for convenience and security, and to create a modern feel. Include a coffee table and side tables for drinks and snacks to finish the room.

Tip: To elevate the space beyond home decor, choose an interesting rug that acts as a focal point. This small touch translates well in photos and impresses guests. If you allow pets, consider that in your choice.

Style up the bedrooms like a 5-star hotel

Believe it or not, this is the room guests remember the most – for better or worse. Comfortable beds with fancy headboards coupled with high-end sheets and covers make a huge difference and are worth every cent. That said, it’s important not to stuff in too much furniture. Guests want an airy, open feel, not claustrophobic furniture.

Depending on the size of the room, you may be able to fit in a king or queen size bed. However, as long as it sleeps two comfortably, the main concern is the impression it gives off. A king size bed makes a large room less intimidating, while a queen or double bed helps you maximise space.

Here are some important tips to keep renters happy:

  • – Storage space is always a favorite complaint of hotel guests. Vacationers who rent a house don’t want to feel like they’re living out of a suitcase. Include a dresser to differentiate your rental from hotels and put hangers in the closet for low-cost storage.
  • – Include lamps on each side table and enough lighting in each room.
  • – Mount a TV in the room for an upscale hotel vibe.
  • – Add twin beds or bunk beds in the second bedroom. This simplifies things for those traveling with kids.

Tip: Great pillows help guests get a good night’s sleep, whereas cheap pillows keep them tossing and turning.

Provide versatile dining options

A formal dining area can be impressive, but guests on the go are more likely to congregate at a breakfast bar or kitchen island.

Tip: Have plenty of stools to accommodate everyone. (They’re also great for photos.)

Don’t skimp on the kitchen and dining facilities

A full kitchen is a must-have for short-term vacation renters, and it’s probably the biggest reason people choose them. If you have space, get a dining table that seats at least four and gives guests options. Keep patios well-lit and in great condition, especially if they extend off a decked out kitchen.

Tip: An affordable but attractive table and chair set give guests a place to eat and enjoy an at-home dinner on their vacation.

The finishing touches that count

Let’s finish our list with a few things to avoid:

  • – Unnecessary clutter.
  • – Personal items like clothing, family photos, and toiletries.
  • – Religious or political pieces.
  • – Antique or high-end furniture.

There’s more at stake than ever to make a positive impression.  Utilise these property styling tips to increase bookings for your short-term rental property and help guests feel comfortable when they want to relax the most.