6 Things Your Short Term Guests Want to Know Before They Stay At Your Home

“Little things usually mean a lot when it comes to catering for short term guests.

Utility is paramount for them to enjoy their stay, leave you positive reviews, and inevitably tell their friends about their experience.

The amenities should be a reflection of the rental property location, the type of guests you expect to stay, and the experience you want them to have.

Most importantly, there are some things that your guests want (and need) to know about in order to make their stay a memorable one, here are six of them.

1. The do’s and don’ts of the property

Every property (and neighborhood) has its own set of rules and subtleties that may be unspoken. To make sure your guests enjoy their stay and don’t cross any boundaries, it is helpful to outline the do’s and don’ts of staying.

For example, you may have a dodgy electrical switch that trips the whole property if someone uses it, or your neighbours may be particularly sensitive about noise on the balcony after 10pm.

Of course you don’t want to come across as a dictator, but a few rules and regulations will help your guests enjoy their stay in peace. After all, they want positive guest reviews too!

2. Who to contact if they need help

It’s common for short-term guests to check-in with their host, especially if they encounter a problem during their stay. And it’s no surprise that people expect a prompt and helpful response from the property owner or manager when they do.

Most online booking platforms provide a portal for communicating with your guests, whether it be via the web or on a smartphone app. But you should take communication one step further than this. Leave your guests a welcome note with a list of emergency contacts if they need them. Of course you will be one of those contacts, but if you are unavailable, then who should they get in touch with?

The easier you make it for your guests to contact someone when they need to, and solve the challenge they are facing with your rental, the better their experience will be.

3. The Wi-Fi Password

The expectation of short-term guests for fast, reliable, and easy to access internet is growing by the day. Just about everyone has a laptop, tablet or smartphone on hand when they stay at your property, and they don’t want to chew through their whole data plan to make the most of their stay.

With that being said, you probably should create a closed Wi-Fi network that is protected by a password, so that not just anyone can jump on and use it. In this case, ensure your guests have the login details and have no trouble getting online. They will thank you for it.

4. Where to find clean linen and replacement amenities

When sites like Airbnb first came onto the market, guests had lower expectations for things such as amenities and clean linen. But as the short-term rental market continues to grow, your guests are more discerning and expect more.

They probably don’t expect a full spa treatment when they stay at your home, but they do expect clean linen, hair appliances, and replacement amenities such as toiletries and fluffy towels.

You may choose to mount shampoo dispensers and soap on the walls of the shower including body lotion, hair conditioner, and mouthwash – these are easy to replenish and lower your environmental footprint. You could also invest in a set of towels that are easy to switch and stock when a new guest arrives.

It may be your home, but guests want to feel like they are getting the service of a hotel.

5. How to use your electronics

Which electronics do you have in the house that your guests may want to use?

Things like your TV or stereo are the basics, but you may offer additional perks such as a DVD collection or Netflix subscription. All of these things can add to the experience of your guests, but you need to provide adequate information to make sure they can get everything working.

Some other items you may like to provide to your guests are phone chargers, overseas adaptors, an iron, a hair dryer and any other gadgets that will make their stay that little bit more relaxing.

6. The extra bits

Some of the more popular vacation rentals are equipped with an array of different knick-knacks that make a guest feel right at home.

These include a fully stocked kitchen and fridge, cookware, blenders, silverware, mugs, glasses, cups, and plates for example. Also, bottle and can openers, or wine glasses are a nice touch.

If you’re going for superhost status, you may like to ask your guests whether there are specific supplies they would like to see at your place.

Want some help creating a 5-star experience for your guests?”