9 Tech Items Your Short-Term Rental Guests Crave

“Who doesn’t want to run a tech-savvy rental for guests to love?

After all, there are plenty of products out there to outfit your home with – and we’re sure you’d love to make it to Superhost status!

Below are the top 9 items you can take advantage of to add some affordable high-quality tech to improve your short-term rental for guests.

1. WiFi

This seems like a pretty simple one, every rental should have WiFi for your guests. Plus, you most likely already have WiFi installed, so why not allow your guests to have access to it.

You can easily set up a temporary password and charge your guests a little extra for WiFi included in their stay.

2. An August Smart Lock

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could unlock your door without a key? Well, with an August Smart Lock you can.

After installing this smart lock in your home, you can create virtual keys for your guests, while being able to remotely access your home at any time.

Additionally, you can monitor who enters and exits your home per the key codes you assign each guest. The August Smart Lock system also helps provide a safer experience for your guests by preventing both lockouts and break-ins.

3. Wireless Sound Systems

What’s a better way to experience music in your home than with a wireless sound system?

Not only will it make music sound great, but your guests will love it! Not to mention, since there are no wires, your guests can place it anywhere in your home.

Wireless sound systems are also incredibly easy to setup, as long as you have a digital music streaming service and smartphone, tablet, or computer.

4. Universal Adapters

Your guests might not be from your region of the world and might not have the right adapter to charge their electronic devices. Give them a hand and prepare universal adapters around your home to prevent them from getting frustrated when their smartphone loses battery.

5. Water Purifiers

Water purifiers are a must have for any home, so why not in your rental? It will not only make your water safer to drink, but also make your guests grateful for your hospitality.

Plus they’re relatively affordable to purchase, easy to install, and filters are cost-efficient enough to regularly reorder, depending on how long you’re renting out your property.

6. An Apple TV

Just because you have a TV doesn’t mean that you should assume your guests enjoy staring at a blank screen – or the limited supply of regular TV stations! Instead, buy your home an Apple TV and let them take advantage of Hulu, Netflix, and more streaming services if they’re planning on spending the night in the comfort of your home.

7. Gaming Consoles

If you don’t want to purchase an Apple TV, you can just as easily purchase a gaming console for your guests to take advantage of your personal DVD collection or download TV streaming apps, depending on which console you buy. However, keep in mind that gaming consoles can be costly, at nearly $400 for a single console.

8. Smart Thermostats

Installing a WiFi-connected smart thermostat can help prevent your heating bills from getting out of control and offer a cool, modern way for your guests to adjust the temperature of the rental. Although it may cost you a few hundred dollars, it’s a worthy investment, which you can remotely control from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

9. Space Heaters

You don’t want your guests getting cold in your rental, so it’s worth buying a few space heaters to put in your home – especially if you live in a winter hotspot.

Generally speaking, a space heater can warm an area of your home with a few select features, such as automatic shut-off, oscillation, and more. However, this usually depends on which model you buy.

Nevertheless, your guests will appreciate a warm, toasty experience while it’s chilly outside!

What tech items do you include in your rental that we’ve forgotten?