About Us

Maisonnets, It's A Love Affair! How One Company is Putting The Passion and Profit Back Into The Short Term Rental Market For Their Property Owners.

How We Make Property Management Work For You, The Owner.

MaisonNets is the brainchild of CEO Mark Hodge and it was born during a Sydney housing  price boom. Mark's goal was to find a way to give investors a way to increase their cash flow from making their homes, investment properties and holiday homes available for short term hire without all the headache and without having to manage the process on their own.

Platforms such as Airbnb paved the way for investors to be able to increase their cash flow, which was great, however Mark was aware there was still a gap in the market for more options inline with what owners were asking for, which was a more set and forget style property management system. Mark’s solution and vision became Maisonnets mission. What Mark and his team now provide owners is that complete system and set of tools that is different from what they could get from a traditional real estate agency.

This love for providing a genuine and homely feeling to our guests, coupled with a real desire to increase the cash flow for our owners has been the driving force behind the business and has allowed us and our clients to survive and thrive.

Our Mission Statement sums it up; We want to provide owners of apartments, bespoke and interesting accommodation the best possible option when renting out their listings. We also want your guests, when they search for a place to stay to have an amazing experience, which will encourage them to come back again and again.

We look after all the essentials of your Airbnb listing including maintenance, cleaning, advertising [on all travel sites] and concierge services allowing you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy as our team is completely across the short-stay market for you.

Meet the Team

Mark Hodge

Mark Hodge is the founder and the face behind MaisonNets. His experience and knowledge of what works is the key to unlocking the untapped earning potential of your home or investment.

Following a 30 year career in the performing arts as a professional dancer, choreographer and international model working in Europe, Asia, USA, Canada and Australia, Mark is now utilising his creative talents in helping people unlock the potential in their lives by capitalising on the inherent wealth in their 'bricks and mortar'. Travelling abroad and working in these highly pressurised fields among luminaries such as Baz Luhrmann, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor has given Mark an innate understanding of the requirements and comforts needed by professionals for their work and during their downtime. Caring for guests to keep them comfortable and happy is one of the main drivers for Mark and the team

He brings this highly attuned perception to his second career - looking after and helping his clients succeed. After his performing life, Mark worked in real estate and as a mortgage broker, before venturing into the short-term rental market.  Working with Bresic Whitney Real Estate in Sydney and mortgage broker with Homesmart/YBR, has further honed Mark’s real estate skills and refined his overall knowledge in the market.

Mark speaks regularly at investment seminars and in categories such as extracting more income, styling requirements, and travel trends and has been interviewed on various podcast shows, having become an expert, in the short-stay market. One of his key specialties is to be able to look at owners' properties and finding various ways of extracting extra cashflow out of them by creating a very bookable listing or group of listings using the experience he has developed over the years. One of his favourite things to do is to manufacture more cashflow for owners out of their existing investment.

Noelle Sadinsky

NSW/Canberra Account Manager
Favorite holiday destination: Machu Picchu, Peru - it's such a spiritual and calming place

After building and working on my own business predominantly for many years, I'm excited to a a major part of the team. I've always loved travel and it's in my DNA - I'm Canadian originally (an Aussie for 25 years). I thrive on connecting with people and working out how I can add value in the bigger picture. I love getting a look inside people's homes to better understand what makes them tick and deliver amazing value. I love so many things, but especially yoga, football and delicious food.

Elizabeth Wilson

VIC & SA Account Manager

I am a professional mature aged person, who has serviced people from different walks of life, including some very demanding politicians in Parliament House in Canberra. I have had the privilege of working in high-intensity hospitality accommodation, property management in Melbourne's CBD, running my own business in the beauty industry, as well as the last 5 years managing teams in a high stakes sales position. All of which I feel really set me up to help our clients and guests receive the best possible experience. I look forward to partnering with you and giving your guests the experience that is required.

CJ Sansano

Head of Operations - Listings and Automations
Favorite holiday destination: Australia

Well, there are endless ways this can be answered but in short, I do the majority of things to support the team from answering telephone, replying to emails, liaising with our cleaning teams and concierge while scheduling bookings, updating the content of our calendars and much, much more! I also coordinate the sync in the back-end with the 50 booking channels we partner with to make sure the property listings are correctly activated.

Alex Sit

Favorite holiday destination: The Journey

My background has been in marketing and resource management, having a degree in transport, distribution and marine operations. I originally came into the company in 2017 on a contract basis to assist wherever I could. I now occupy my time in BDM and management systems. My role is to make sure you have an amazing experience with us and help guide you through the untapped advantages in being able to help you rent out your home or investment through the short-mid stay market.

For additional Information about How we can assist you with your properties please connect with us and have a look at the analytics and other ways we can provide you with a more fulfilling and safer experience.