Burleigh Heads, Australia – Case Study

Whether you own your property primarily as an investment or as somewhere to spend your holidays, listing it as a holiday rental can be a great way to increase your return on investment.

Many people, when considering renting their property, believe that permanent lettings will ensure the best rental return and a hassle-free investment. However, renting a short-term rental property can be a highly profitable endeavour.

Permanent Tenancy Vs Holiday Stay

Depending on the location, it may be possible to charge the equivalent of a regular (permanent) monthly rent for a one-week holiday stay. Leasing your property for only 12 weeks a year as a holiday rental would generate the same investment return as a permanent tenant. Any additional weeks simply increases your return, and the property is still available for you to enjoy for your own holidays.

Property Management

We recently secured a beautiful rental in Burleigh Heads, Queensland for $650/week (price prior to Maisonnets). A rental of this kind and condition ranges from $600 to $680 for a 2 bed, 2 bath walk up property, without all of the resort style facilities and elevators.

In order to get the most out of the property, our team re-styled, painted, upgraded (down to the knives and forks), and furnished the property. This cost a total of $13,000. 

What We Offer

Maisonnets offer a full set-up and styling for a small investment of $10,000 to $15,000, depending on the property’s needs.

Based on the time of year (September 2022), it is expected to get anywhere between $200 to $500 per night. With this said, the average would be around $280/night with an estimated 75% occupancy, giving the owners a $76,650 pa return. This is in contrast to the property being a long-term rental at $650/week, totalling $33,800 pa.

It is important to highlight that there are properties within the same building being occupied 80% of the year. However, the rates are lower due to dated furnishings and the condition of the properties.

Why Choose Maisonnets?

Listing your property with us opens the door to tailored and stress-free solutions to build successful and rewarding growth on the cash flow of your properties. With a ‘your home is our home’ philosophy, we take existing property management initiatives and expand them through a white glove experience that is value-adding for both guests and property owners alike.

To help you with the decision of whether to invest in a holiday rental, we have put together the following guide to give you an idea of the process – click here.

Maisonnets look after all the essentials of your Airbnb listing including maintenance, cleaning, advertising [on all travel sites] and concierge services allowing you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy as our team is completely across the short-stay market for you.

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