Maisonnets Premium Short Term Property Management Service

More and more short-term rental property owners are choosing to set up their short term rentals where they can hire a property manager to host and manage their investment property, family home or holiday house offline. This works in a similar way to the traditional approach to a property management business but at a high level and creates stress free solutions for homeowners.

Whether you're new to the rental market, or a seasoned professional, Maisonnets makes it simple to earn extra money from your short term rental property (STR) without putting in extra effort.

Outsourcing your short-term rental management is an excellent way to take some of the work out of being a host. It helps you create a personal experience for guests without physically being there the whole time. When there is no one on site or available for prompt replies online, it can develop into a person or guests having an impersonal experience.

A Fundamental Income Comparison Between Short-Term and Long-Term Rentals

Having a property management service, such as Maisonnets, gives you the perfect opportunity to create stress free solutions for your short term rental

It’s hard to overestimate the value of having access to a maintenance team, restocking your guests' amenities, being able to sync for bookings on multiple online platforms, having a friendly team member to greet on location, organise professional photography, guarantee that cleaning has been done and that your apartment or house is tidy for your when your new guests arrive.

You could ask a friend or family member who lives in the area to help out with the management of your property and be there for when your guests arrive. However, if you want a true professional experience from listing your property all the way through to preparing it for your next guests, it may be worthwhile hiring a management service like MaisonNets.

The added value of using a professional property management service for your short-term property like MaisonNets, is that they are actively listing properties online, just like yours, every day to a market of over 50 booking sites at once, increasing the likelihood of your property being rented on these multiple sites and not just Airbnb. This will mean lower vacancy rates and a significantly higher yield in the long-term. Maisonnets also has Airbnb property management services across Australia & Bali.

When pricing your property you want a professional company who has enough data on how to price your particular listing. You also want a company who understands the booking platform fee or cost for advertising on those platforms, as well as a company who keeps up with market trends and compliance.

Here is a list of our serviced areas where we manage properties:

Airbnb property management services Canberra

With many government officials visiting Australia's Capital City on a regular basis, our bookings work differently as opposed to other areas.  Our pricing schedule on properties in this city are set to accommodate these departments and differ to interstate locations.

Airbnb & short term management services Sydney

We manage an array of short term rentals for our clients in Sydney from the Eastern suburbs, the northern beaches and from the inner west as well as out to Parramatta.

Airbnb & short term management services Adelaide

Property in Adelaide has been in high demand and search results have seen an increase in private property rental in this city. Whether you have a house or apartment in either the city, the Adelaide Hills or beachside our property management service can help.

Airbnb & short term management services Melbourne

The short-term rental market in Melbourne is in very high demand all year round, so with a property in the right area, our property owners are seeing hefty returns.  With an investment property in Melbourne, you will see a vast rewarding growth in income from a short term rental as opposed to long term rental.  Why not contact us to see what kind of rental your house or apartment could achieve.

Airbnb & short term management services Brisbane Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

Our property management service operates across South East Queensland in these three major locations and visitors are flocking with the world open for business again. Homeowners and investment property owners are reaping the rewards. Through the various online platforms we are able to attract guests who are either travelling for business or leisure to the sunshine state.

Airbnb & short term management Bali

Bali welcomes renters from all over the world who are looking for short term rental property and MaisonNets has started listing properties for our property owners in this very desirable destination.

To know more about our services in these great destinations or any others, please feel free to contact MaisonNets premium short term property management service.