Short-Term Rentals Proving to Deliver High Returns

Short-term rental property has proven to deliver much higher returns than a normal long-term lease and through such platforms as Airbnb/Stayz, etc. 

What usually holds people back from wanting to do this is all of the hard work that goes behind marketing, hosting, cleaning, vetting and even furnishing an investment property to deliver better returns, which in most cases will deliver anywhere from 50%-120% more than a conventional long term lease.

MaisonNets is a short-term management company, who not only can do all of this work for you, but know the industry inside and out, partnering with up to 50 different booking platforms to access a wider audience when marketing your property. We also look after not just investment property but what we call owner/vacate property, as a lot of our owners who live in their own homes, travel overseas or interstate extensively and use their home to generate income whilst away.

MaisonNets have been in the industry for over 7 years and operate in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

If you feel your property has the potential to be earning a lot more than it currently is a simple assessment can determine this with one of the team specialists.

Whether you’re new to the rental market or a seasoned professional, Maisonnets make it simple to earn extra money from your short-term rental property without putting in extra effort.  Contact us today https://maisonnets.guestybookings.com

What are you waiting for? Contact us www.maisonnets.com/contact today or phone 1800 193 151.