The Perfect Welcome Note for a Short-Term Rental Guest

“As the upkeep of property continues to increase, a short-term rental is the perfect way to make money.

The top 10 Airbnb hosts made between $2 and $5.3 million dollars in 2017.

Many tourists would rather get a local experience and prefer staying in an apartment or house, meaning the short-term rental industry is booming. In a recent report, Euromonitor International predicted that short-term rentals will see a 24% increase from 2015 to 2020.

But how should you make your guests feel comfortable and provide them with information about your home? One way is to leave a welcome note.

Why Leave a Welcome Note?

Unlike hotels, there is usually no one greeting guests when they arrive at your apartment or house unless doing a ‘meet and greet’. When this is not possible, a welcome note provides the guests with all the essential information about the property, getting in contact with you, and about the area they are visiting.

It is also a nice personal touch and may encourage the guests leave you a good review.

The perfect welcome note will have you on track to become an Airbnb superhost!

What to Include in a Welcome Note?

Deciding what to include in a welcome note for your guests can be difficult.

But while there are many pieces of information that you could include in your welcome note, the letter should include these five things at a minimum.

1. A Personalised Message

Every welcome note should include a personalised message for your guests.

Start out with a greeting including their names and saying you hope they feel your property is a home away from home.

Provide them with little tidbits about the home, such as which window the lorikeets will come and say hello, or where the best sunlit area is in the afternoon.

2. Contact Information

All welcome notes should provide your contact information for guests. Include the best phone number and email to reach you in case of an emergency or if your guests have any questions.

Also, include the contact information for someone else they can contact if you cannot be reached. Be sure to provide the address of the property so your guests will be able to get back to the property when they head out.

3. Important Information about the Home

Important details about your home should be provided to every guest in your welcome note. Provide information about the WiFi password and how to turn on the TV. Also give details on appliances like the fridge, dishwasher, washing machine and the Air Conditioning.

Include any instructions on how your house should be left after the guests end their stay on your property. This information will help put your guests at ease and ensure no appliances are damaged or left on when unattended (especially the air conditioning, fans or heaters).

4. Things to Do and Recommendations

A nice touch of a welcome note is to include recommendations for your guests about the area. Tell them about the best activities, shopping spots, and cultural sites to visit.

Also, provide the most well-known tourist attractions and museums. It is also great to give recommendations on your favourite café, restaurants, parks, and other secret spots which you frequent regularly.

5. A Warm Note

The best way to end a welcome note is to wish your guest a wonderful stay. Tell them you hope that they enjoy staying in the comfort of your home and that you hope they have a lot of fun in your area.

Thank them for choosing to stay in your home and tell them to have a wonderful trip.

Wrapping Up

A welcome note offers a personal touch to your guests and provides essential information about your home. Using these tips will help you write a welcome letter or compendium that puts your guests at ease and helps convey important details about staying in your short-term rental and exploring your area.

Your welcome note should be helpful to your guests and lead to glowing reviews about their stay on your property, and even repeat bookings!”